Folk Jamming

Before we moved to Manchester we lived in Lancaster where Mrs Beer Nouveau was a regular at the weekly folk jamming sessions at The Gregson, while I sat around drinking beer and doing the crossword whilst listening to everyone play. When we moved to Manchester we looked for something similar here, but couldn’t find anything. There are some regular folk nights in the area, but these seem to be more about taking turns to perform rather than playing together.

So we’ve decided to give it a go setting up a folk jamming session at the brewery tap.

The idea is rather simple: turn up with your instrument(s), whoever wants to can start a tune or song, and if anyone else knows it or can pick it up/accompany, they can join in. It’s not about performance as such, it’s about relaxing and playing together. Although there may well be non-players in the bar listening in.

And, as a sweetener to get you to come along and play, we’ll throw in the first pint of beer (or cider) for anyone taking part!

Friday 3rd Feb will be the very first session, so we have no idea how it will go or quite what will happen, whether it will be more of an introductory/planning/sharing ideas thing or whether we’ll just pile in and start playing. Start time is envisaged as 6:30ish, but the bar will be open from 4 until 10:30pm.


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