American IPA Brew Day


The style that brought IPAs back into the limelight, the American IPA is a modern day classic combining pale malts and fruity hops for an easy to drink beer.



Come and brew an American IPA with us!

This is a tutored Brew Day for up to 4 people at the Temperance Street Brewery, where you will learn how to brew 25 litres of an American IPA to take home in bottles when ready.

This American IPA BrewDay is recommended for Intermediate to Advanced brewers.

American IPA is one of the most popular beer styles in the world, and for good reason. Pale straw to light amber in colour, this beer generally has a very simple malt body. The real star of the show here is the hops; here you can let your creativity flourish by using different varieties and hopping techniques to build that citrus, pine and tropical flavour and aroma as you want it in the final brew.

At around 5%-7% ABV, this beer packs a bit of a punch, but it remains really drinkable. It’s easy to get enamoured with this style of beer and you can really get creative with the flavours once you get your technique nailed. Once you get this right, you’ll want to keep a stash of this on standby for you and your really close friends at all times.

This BrewDay will include personal tuition from one of our beer experts. This includes instructions on how to brew the beer, how the different stages of brewing and fermentation can affect the beer and information on the different types of malts, hops and yeasts that can be used in this style and how they can be used to tweak the colour, flavour and aroma of the finished beer.

All bottles, ingredients and tuition are included in the price of this BrewDay Experience.

Price includes up to four guests. If you would like to bring more people, please **contact us** and we will be happy to accommodate you.