Book A BrewDay

If you know what you’re doing and what you want to brew, this is the form for you.

Just let us know what recipe you’ll want to brew, quantities of malts, what hops at what additions, and which yeast you intend to ferment with, we’ll plug all the information into our system and get back to you with a cost and available brew days.



Booking a BrewDay with us is really simple.

Use this form to let us know what recipe you want to brew, and when you’d ideally like to brew it. Our brewday slots are 10 am til 4 pm Monday to Thursday, and 10 am and 5 pm Friday to Sunday.

We’ll then work with you to refine your recipe if needed, let you know how much it will cost, and to get a BrewDay slot booked in for you!

Individual BrewDays are charged at £45 for the use of the brewing equipment and a further £1 per day for use of fermenting space. This means that our brewers only pay for what they use with no rounded fees, a longer fermentation high-strength beer will cost more than a shorter fermentation low-strength one.
We do not take any money for custom BrewDays until time and cost are agreed.

Ingredients and packaging cost extra. Once we have your recipe we will send you a quote for your ingredient costs. Please see our **Packaging Page** for further details of options and costs.