Priority Booking

Members will be able to book use of the brewing equipment up to a month in advance, whereas non-members will only be able to book up to a week in advance. So being a member means you are far more likely to get the date and time you want to brew.

Discounted Ingredients

Members will be able to buy ingredients from us at near commercial prices, whereas for non-members we’ll be adding a small but still competitive mark-up.
Members will also be able to reserve amounts on new and unusual test ingredients that we may get, including experimental hops.

Discounted Beer

It’s not just about making beer, but about the drinking it too. We’ll be taking over a few taps in our host bar to showcase beers made by our members, and membership will get you a discount on these.

Tap Take Overs

Our host premises has a spare bar, and members will get free use of it!
Whether you’re looking to show your beers off to your mates, or test the commercial waters with a full on tap takeover, the fully licensed commercial bar will be available for members to use, for free.

Early Event Tickets

We’ll be running events throughout the year to help you become better brewers. From lectures on individual beer styles, geared towards how to brew them, to talks from people in the industry about how you can get the best from your beers, to how to enter competitions and stand a better chance of winning; including off-flavour training, what causes them and how to avoid them. As a member, you’ll get access to early-bird tickets!