Work Out Your Recipe

The first step is to decide what you want to brew! If you don’t have a recipe of your own, we can supply you with one for the style of beer that you want to brew, or help guide you through the process of creating something unique to your tastes.

Book A Brew Day

Either use this form to send us your recipe or pop in and see us with it and we’ll check when we can book you in to use the kit to brew, as well as making sure there will be a fermenter free for as long as you need it and that the ingredients will be on site. This is why we ask to see the recipes first – some beers take longer to ferment or may require more exotic malts, hops or yeasts.
Members will be able to book a Brew Day up to 1 month in advance; non-members will be able to book up to a week in advance.
There will also be the ability to turn up and brew on the day, but only if the equipment and fermenters are free – we highly recommend booking!

Come Along And Brew

When your Brew Day comes around, make sure to arrive promptly to ensure you’ll have enough time to complete your brew on the day.
Everything you need to brew will be ready and waiting for you to start straight away.
When you’ve finished, we ask that you clean down any kit that you’ve used as well as your brewing area.

Package Your Beer

We’ll make sure to keep an eye on your beer for you while it’s fermenting and let you know when it’s ready for you to package. We’ll then arrange for you to come in and transfer the beer from its fermenter to either bottles or kegs ready to take home and drink.

You’re Not Alone!

Don’t worry, our team will be here at every step to answer questions and lend a hand if needed. This is a community brewery!