One Brew Kit, Slightly Used

The 11 Hec Kit

Originally set up to run as a standalone brewery to supply the pub trade, the 11 hec kit has an 18 hec Hot Liquor Tank, a 23 hec Mash Tun and a 11 hec copper.

There’s no manways to squeeze through on this kit either, you just climb on in!

The mash tun is not just large, but it’s also shallow and wide to keep the efficiency up, and with the platform next to it there’s no need for an auger.The mash tun uses a spray ball rather than a sparge arm, and a removable wire mesh false bottom.

The Copper is a 1100 litre Speidel floating lid vessel, so stainless steel with a wood cladding (it’s not a Dave Porter kit, despite the wood) and is powered by two elements, one fitted with a thermostat for maintaining temperature, the other just used to boost it to the boil. It’s all set up for a thermostat, I just didn’t bother when I replaced the previous element that I set fire to, accidentally.

It all comes with the obligatory plate chiller. This is a bit of a beast for the size of the kit, but that just makes it more efficient.

There’s also three 1,200 litre converted wine fermenters, the type with the “floating lid” that can be used to ferment between 600 and 1,100 litres. One has cooling coils fitted, all three have some serious insulation on them.

So if you’re interested, please email me at and we can discuss it and arrange for a viewing.