We Don’t Charge Generic Fees

Not every beer costs the same to make, so why should you pay the same?
Members are able to book use of the brewing kit up to 1 month in advance, non-members can book up to a week in advance.
We’ll be starting off with two 25l kits, and expanding as we grow.
When booking we’ll be asking for the recipe that you’d like to brew so we can make sure we’ve got everything you need on site, including fermenter space.

We Do Charge A Flat Brew Day Fee

A single fee covers your use of the equipment. This covers the wear and tear as well as our running costs. All we ask is that you make sure to clean it down afterwards.

We Do Charge Per Gram For Ingredients

We’ll be buying our ingredients in bulk and will be passing that saving on, whether you’re brewing with us on site, or want to pick up some supplies for your brew at home. Being able to buy the exact amounts you need means there’s no need for you to have odds and ends of malts and hops lying around at home.

We Do Charge Per Day For Fermenter Use

Why charge per day? Why not a flat fee? Because a 4% bitter is only likely to take 4 or 5 days in the fermenter, whereas a DDH IPA or an Imperial Russian Stout will take a fair bit longer, so charging by the day means you pay a fair fee for when you use the equipment.

We Don’t Charge You To Use Your Own Bottles

If you have your own bottles that you want to keep reusing, that’s great!
If not, we’ll have some on site that you can buy, again by the bottle.
Same with caps, we’ll be selling them by the cap. And if you’ve brewed your beer with us, we won’t charge you to use our bottling equipment.
Have your own keg that you want to fill? Not a problem, bring it in when your beer is ready and transfer straight to it.