Artistraw – A la volée


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A delightfully dry and naturally sparkling cider made using the ancient ancestral method. After handpicking, pressing and fermentation which finishes in the bottle, the cider is aged on its fine lees for 10 months. It is then placed on our antique French riddling rack where it is turned daily by hand over a six week period to collect the unwanted yeast in the neck of the bottle. Next we disgorge each bottle à la volée, or ‘on the fly’; a skilful operation which releases the sediment without freezing. We then top up with more cider, recap the bottle et voilà; a crystal clear, sparkling and refreshing drink!

Dry, crisp and delicate. A full orchard blend with 50% Dabinett.

Do not open over 12°C. Highly carbonated!

6.7% Vol.
Unfiltered, unpasteurised, wild fermented, ancestral method, dry, pure juice cider
Ingredients: Apples handpicked from unsprayed traditional standard orchards
Pressed November 2019
May contain naturally occuring sulphites