12 Month Membership




Join our community brewery and enjoy the benefits that come with membership:

Priority Booking:
Members can book in and reserve one of the brew kits up to 1 month in advance. Non-members can only book 1 week ahead, so you’re more likely to get the slot you want.

Discounted Ingredients:
Members will be able to buy ingredients from us at near commercial prices with a 10% discount off of the list price. Members will also be able to reserve any new and unusual test ingredients that we get access to, including experimental hops.

Discounts at the Bar:
We aim to always have a Temperance Street Beer on the public bar, either brewed by one of our staff or purchased from a member. You’ll get 10% off the price of a pint with your membership.

Free Use of the Temperance Street Bar:
We have a second bar fitted at the venue that will be available for free to members looking to go commercial with their beers.  Why not brew a range of beers and have your very own tap take over or meet the brewer event? Get feedback, build up a reputation and enhance your brand before you fully launch.

Early Bird Event Tickets:
We’ll be running events throughout the year to help you become better brewers. From lectures on individual beer styles and their origins to talks from people working in the beer industry. We’ll also have training events to help you produce the best beer you can on your brew days, focusing on subjects such as how to enter competitions and stand a better chance of winning, to off-flavour training and how to avoid these faults appearing in your beers. As a member, you’ll get access to early-bird tickets before anyone else.

All these membership benefits start from the day of activation.

Membership subscriptions include the price of one Brew Day.

Brew Days include the use of all brewing equipment during your timeslot. The cost of ingredients is not included. Your beer will then be fermented at the cost of £1 p/day. Fermentation can take from 4 days (ales) to 14 days (lagers). Packaging your beer (bottling, casks or keg) will incur further costs. Please see our **packaging page** for further information. If all goes well and depending on your recipe, you should end up with 25 litres of beer to drink or sell after packaging.

Please contact us for further information.