Here’s the answer to the question that everyone has been asking: What are the beers going to be?

Well, here’s what we’ve ordered…

Beer NouveauTheresienwiese6.6%
No HeroesPilsner
Manchester UnionOktober5.5%
DonzokoNorthern Helles4.2%
Distant HillsGrapefruit Hefe5.6%
Red WillowSvelte Lager 104%
Westerham/Melissa ColeOktoberwest5.6%
WishboneBoiler Plate5.7%
NeptuneEven Flow4.5%
Top RopeHelles5%
RoostersPils Near4.8%
Fierce BeerHefeweizen

We think this is a great range of German style beers, and some others we like that fit the bill.
Beers with soul from breweries that haven’t sold theirs.

We don’t have enough keg lines to put all these beers on at the same time, so we’ll be “buddying up” the beers, matching kegs that are of similar styles and strengths, and during the each session when the keg gets half empty, or halfway through the session, whichever comes first, we’ll swap it over for it’s buddy. Guaranteeing that every beer is available at some point during both sessions.

Our barrel-lagered Marzen and Geipel’s Bock will be £6.00 a pint, but everything else will be available at £4.50 a pint. The focus is on enjoying and celebrating beer. Prost Before Profit!

But obviously anyone enjoying it too much will be refused any more, and may be asked to leave.